5 comments on “Brunnhildar Daily – Gone or Glitch?

  1. That quest is extremely bugged.

    When we were running the daily for the bear there were multiple days we could not get the quest. We also did all the tricks, but no quest. I didn’t get the daily 3 days in a row once.

    So don’t fear it is probably still there, but for some reason it just doesn’t always show up.

  2. It’s funny how it’s glitched in a “reverse” kind of way than another daily in the game. Since 5.0.4 hit, the Netherwing dailies have had a glitch going on. All the quests work, but when you fly into the area and the game transforms you into an orc you get a blue and white checked box on your head.

    One day when I went out there to do them there was another glitch going on too. When I would fly out of the Netherwing area the game would throw me on random flying mounts that I didn’t have. I flew back and forth a few times and I ended up on the RAF rocket, the MoP Quilen (I hadn’t bought MoP yet) and some kind of drake. It was pretty funny.

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