Switching Gears Before Turning Ignition

So, I had planned to make this blog a place to RP the adventures of my various World Of Warcraft toons.  It was meant to be entertaining and a means by which I could release some of my writing skills.  Somewhere along the way, I never really followed up on it.  Biggest reason for that, that I can attribute it to anyway, is that I wanted to write as things happened to my characters.  Unfortunately, a couple of them have had too much going on in too short of time for me to put together a consistent and solid narration as a whole.

So, after reviewing things, I’ve decided to turn this little place of mine into something I’ve come to find a great deal of on the web: a person’s take on all things WoW. 

I’ll give the lowdown on my toons and things of interest, and sound off on anything game-related that might be topical. 

In the meantime, I’ll be requiring some patience as I get things organized and started.  Next post will be an outline of my toons.  I can’t access the armory (or much WoW-related) at work, and I’d rather not re-edit later.

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