Beware Da Voodoo, Mon!

The Trolls in Azeroth say this all the time. Well, the ones that aren’t trying to kill my Alliance toons do. Until recently I merely found amusement in it.

You see, Siori is having trouble twofold and, short of “da voodoo,” I’m really not sure what’s causing it.

I continue to try to get the Higher Learning achievement. I thought it was going to be difficult in the early going. It was something I’d try to get pieces of here and there. Well, I snagged five in one week, and that left me with just one -Necromancy. Two weeks later, I’m still looking for it. Oh, I’ve found the fake books there plenty of times, including twice this very morning, but the real one continues to elude me.

Her other dilemma is gear. If you check the Armory, you’ll see she’s not terrible for gear, but could be realistically much better. The problem is that she’s too weak for raiding (unless someone knows me well enough to know that I at least know what I’m doing, and I am a fun person to raid with) or I get into something like this past weekend. Ran Heroic Nexus, unexpectedly, on Sunday. There were a couple of upgrades I could’ve found, but they refused to drop.

This is my first endgame experience, as I came into WoW (full-time) a little over a year ago. I have the patience, but somedays are just a little bit harder.

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