Oh It’s On Yoggie!!!

Patch 3.1 arrives today. For the raiders, the biggest thing in the world of Azeroth is going to be Ulduar. Personally, I’d like to get in there at some point and think our guild is actually very close to starting the 10-man content as just a guild, with no outsiders. We like our friends, but it’s more of an accomplishment when we can do it on our own…then farm it with friends.

If you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading this and go watch the Ulduar Trailer now. Yes, I’ll happily wait. Watched it? Good. Now, if that didn’t get the blood flowing, why are you playing this game? It not only preps you for today’s patch, but plants more storyline seeds. Personally, I hate King Wrynn more and more. Yeah, I get what he went through, but dude’s becoming quite the prick. I also see a Thrall coup as a possibility down the road.

On top of the raid, we’re also getting new features out the ying-yang, including dual-spec, talent adjustments (remember they’ll be reset when you log in), restructuring of many professions (Black Diamonds have a use now!) new gear and weapons, and what seems to have slipped under most people’s radar: The Argent Tournament.

For those unaware of the Tournament, it’s basically being brought in by Blizzard for the solo player. It’s a full PvE event in the Northern part of Icecrown, and will be similar to the Isle of Quel’Danas in the early days, in that we’ll be doing dailies to get it up and running. In this case, it’s building the Coliseum itself. The rewards from this look incredible (though weapons are ilvl 200), with the only beef I have thus far being that you have to Champion your own race before you can Champion another race of the same faction. Yeah, it makes sense…but see my comment above about Wrynn.

I’m definitely excited about this tournament. I’m hoping that for the next few days, most players are unfamiliar with it on my server, or pre-occupied with Ulduar and perhaps I can get a head start before you have to fight everyone to complete the dailies. Either way, this patch is long overdue (those looking for the Noble Garden are REALLY tired of waiting), but I have a feeling it’s going to deliver even more because of the delay in getting it out.

What aspect of it are you looking forward to?

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