Did You Hear The One About the Goblin And The Worgen?

So, Dark Helmet had this line about being Lonestar’s cousin’s sister’s uncle’s third nephew twice removed brother’s former roomate. It meant nothing to Lonestar, and I’m inclined to think the same can be said about a couple of new Hallowe’en masks found in the files of 3.2. Other people, like WoW.com for example, are up in arms rejoicing over the new races to come in the next expansion. They also seem to think it will be called Cataclysm and deal with Azshara. I’d like to take this moment to toot my own horn. I swear I didn’t have the foggiest of ideas or inside scoops when I wrote it, either.

Back to these masks. Now, I notice a few of them are in game races like the Vyrkul and Naga. However, it’s the Goblins and the Worgen that have people talking and if you believe the whispers then Alliance will be rolling Worgen come the next expansion, while the Horde get the Goblins.

From a lore standpoint, I’m intrigued how this could play out (although the idea of Goblins being playable partially makes me want to smack my face off the keyboard a few times). They might say to hell with Gnomish Engineering, and those who associate with them. They could also be the first Neutral race to tell King Emo, er, Wrynn to shove his attitude and monarchy. Then again, perhaps Blizzard will unite the world as they’ve discussed in the past. With City Of Heroes next expansion they’re rolling out “Going Rogue” where players can switch sides. We might see the same thing in WoW. If you don’t believe me, look at LoTR online and their nifty achievement system. It’s cousin seems to have magically appeared in WoW.

Having said that, I do hope the Worgen pop up, and don’t have a problem with the Goblins picking a side for a change. How it plays out in the various Goblin regions (such as Wintersping, Booty Bay, and the like) intrigues me as well. Personally, I wouldn’t be playing a Goblin. It just doesn’t appeal to me in any way. You can put me on the Worgen bandwagon though. I might have to reserve a name…just in case.

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