The New Varimathras….Barimathras?

Oh those blues. They love their fun don’t they? Let’s face it, being a Blizz GM you’re subject to all kinds of information. Signing your first born and blood are probably pre-reqs for the job.

Often times, GM’s respond on the forums with precise knowledge and explanation. On some occasions, they drop tidbits about the future because the human species in general hates not knowing. Don’t believe me? Don’t open any gifts you receive for the next year.

The latest tease was dropped today, and it’s one any Forsaken player wants to know the answer to -who is going to replace Varimathras?

There Can Be Only One!!!

Without spoiling much, the Undercity Nathrezim is no longer in his humble abode after some events in the current expansion. Players have wondered if someone will be replacing him ever since.

That brings us to today, where we found out in the next major patch (3.3) someone will be there. A “B” individual. Not as in B-list, but how they’re addressed. So who could it, *ahem*, be?

Balnazzar. Right off the bat he comes to mind as a replacement to his brother. Pretty unlikely, though. Sylvanas wanted him dead at Varimathras’ hand and presumed that happened. Given the events that have unfolded in Northrend, another Nathrizem seems far-fetched at best. Sylvanas isn’t stupid. This also rules out Lord Banehollow and Beltheris. Yes, Beltheris is dead…but stranger things have happened.

Bolvar Fordragon. Again, a major player in the same event in Northrend that has lead to Varimathras no longer being in Undercity. Honestly, it would be too soon. Sure, he’s definitely got the reasoning to be all “fuck Arthas” like the rest of the Forsaken, but I can’t see it happening for the reasons by which he died.

Brightflame Masjenal. I’ve not read whether she was in cahoots with Putress and his lot, but she was in the Royal Apothecary. If she was innocent of any wrongdoing, she could be head of a newer version and thus sit where Varimathras was. An undead elf and an undead dwarf would no doubt make strange bedfellows, but Brightflame has seemed rather loyal to the Banshee Queen thus far.

Nathanos Blightcaller. This one seems the most likely at this point. Who would Sylvanas trust more than her Champion? She trained him, he’s a fellow Ranger, and there’s that whole “Varian Wrynn wanting him dead” thing. That last one makes a relocation project worth considering.

Of course, none of these could be even remotely accurate. As usual, the WoW powers that be want us speculating. Let’s face it, it’s fun. Plus, it creates more interest in the next patch. Not that it would need much more than the known actual confrontation with the Lich King.

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