Winter Not Grasped

Welcome, Ye Glutton For Punishment

In an effort to get Tumunzahar the War Mammoth as his epic land mount, I’ve had to indulge in Wintergrasp a fair bit as of late. I’m not the biggest PvP fan, or the best player at it by a long shot. What I am good at, is following direction.

Whether you are defending or attacking, the strategies to success can be very simple. Unfortunately, too many people seem to think they know exactly what it takes. Or, they just want free honour while everyone else does the work.

For instance, when attacking the keep, the guns have to go. There are plenty of ways to make that happen, but they include range dps and guns on some of the vehicles. Speaking of vehicles, it amazes me how “we need siege vehicles now” translates into “I’ll just hop in this catapault and drive south.”

It’s one of the many things people just don’t listen to. I understand there are individuals who like to bark orders and usually don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. However, I find in each Wintergrasp event there are at least two people who may as well be Generals. They bark because they know what works. The problem is, people don’t listen and then gripe because we lose.

But, that’s part of the PvP problem as a whole (at least Alliance side) in the simple fact there are too many individualists and not nearly enough team players.

For what it’s worth, I’m at 236 shards. If we actually win one, I might be able to snag the rest through instance runs.

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