BOOM!!!…and, lo, the financial foundations shook!

6 months.

Ok, one week shy. But, it’s been nearly half a year since I last posted. There’s a number of reasons for that, the biggest is life. Things have happened and shortly after my last post I took a WoW break for a couple months. But, I’m back in action and loving it.

As of about 15 minutes ago, I managed to crack 50k gold on one of my servers. Now, you’re in one of two schools of thought right now. Either you believe that to be an incredible sum, or you believe it to be mere peanuts. Personally, I’m looking to end up in the latter group myself.

My goal before Cataclysm is to get gold capped on at least one toon. The cap is 217k, so I’m not quite a quarter of the way there. I’ve been biting and clawing to get that far, but I know there’s easier and more efficient ways to get there. Plus, there’s the obvious that I wasn’t doing it even remotely aggressively. That is about to change.

I don’t plan to go into detail on just how I’m going to be making the gold, though trust me when I say it is entirely on the up and up. If you really want to know, search the web just as I did to read up on a few different tips and suggestions. Instead of mentioning the details, I’m merely going to comment on how much I made at the end of the day and perhaps add a few little notes as to what brought the profit.

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