Cataclysm Preparation Part II: New Characters

This is my BOOMSTICK!

Yesterday we looked at things to do with your existing characters prior to the expansion’s arrival.  Today, it’s the characters you’ve yet to make.

1. Bookmark Your Name(s)!
For some people, this isn’t really that important. For others, the name of your toon is very important. So, roll a placemark toon with that name so that no one else takes it on you. Then, you can delete the toon and immediate roll the new one you originally wanted to have that name. For example, the day Cataclysm was announced, I took Horrux for my Worgen. He’s currently a level one Draenie Priest. I considered Weethrall for a Goblin Shaman, but ultimately passed (even though it was available). Bottom line is if name is important to you, you should already have it.

2. Netherweave Bags
Whether you have a tailor that can make them, or you have to buy the mats yourself, start stockpiling now. To begin with, bag space is brutal when you’re starting out so having bags readily available is a huge boon. You might be thinking Frostweave Bags hold more and that is quite true. However, for an extra four slots you’re paying five times the gold. Speaking of gold, another reason to stockpile these is because people will be buying them off the proverbial shelf if they don’t have a tailor. Consider it an investment if you will.

3. Avoid New Hotness
If you were around for the launch of Wrath of the Lich King, you know the new leveling zones drew out the worst in people. It was shiv your ally when they weren’t looking…just to get that much further in leveling. In short, it was chaotic. I decided when it was late at night on my server to go roll a Death Knight. It was a wise move then. This time around, Worgen and Goblin zones are going to be insane with people. The new leveling areas won’t be any better for the first couple weeks. If you don’t want any insanity, I’d suggest taking one of the new race/class combos and trying that out.

4. Roll One Of Every Race
Even if you don’t end up playing them, roll every race once. The start zones have been completely overhauled and are said to be amazing. Even the narrations have changed. You owe it to yourself to experience each one once.

5. To Heirloom Or Not To Heirloom
I talked briefly about heirlooms yesterday, but applies more to future toons. Should you get them or not? Personally, I am going to have at least one character that won’t use them because I want to take my time through the new content. Each of us is different in this regard, and the choice is ultimately yours. But if you want to level somewhat faster, then you need to be considering heirlooms now.

6. Money
Another repeat idea, but it applies for new characters as well as existing ones. It could be Azeroth flying when they’re ready, a regular mount, or even professions. Simply put, it wouldn’t hurt to have a little gold set aside for your new characters to have to play with.

7. Server Space
I mentioned server transfers yesterday in terms of your current characters, but also consider whether you have room on your current server to roll that new character you want so badly. For some it might not matter, but others might want their new Goblin playing with their main’s guild. Whether you need to make a transfer or delete a toon you should still be thinking about it. If you do delete one, be sure to sell off and transfer the money to one that’s sticking around.

8. Purpose Planning
It sounds odd, but think about what this new toon is going to be for. Are you planning to raid with it endgame? PvP? Some professions you don’t have? What spec might you be leaning towards? Answering these can allow you to do some things prior to the expansion to make it easier. If your Worgen is going to be a Scribe, then getting some cheap herbs (or farming them) will help you on that road faster. Or perhaps some crafted twink gear for that Undead Hunter.

9. How Will You RP?
Much like yesterday’s column, a suggestion for the RP folk. New characters to play means new characters to become. Again, how did they get to where they are and where are they headed? This is the biggest in game event to date for World of Warcraft and the roleplaying opportunity of a lifetime.

10. Stop And Smell The Roses
This applies not only to your new toons, but anything you do in the new expansion. Take your time with it, if you can. Blizzard has gone to great lengths to overhaul the game and world as we know it. From quests to new character options to blowing up the landscape. There’s just so much, and slowing down to “experience” it rather than just having it in the background is something everyone should do at some point.

The new expansion is officially less than two months away now.  These are just some little things you can do to get that new toon (or toons) off and running on December 7th.  Like kids in a candy store, we want to try it all and thinking about what to try first can make it taste that much sweeter.

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