Lessons Learned

Does Your Bag Look Like This?Much of today’s patch (4.0.1) has been documented and outlined for some time.  I understood that glyphs were changing, but I was thinking of the glyphs themselves.  I thought how they affected abilities was changing, and that’s true.  However, as of today glyphs cost more to make.  That means they are going to cost more to buy as well.  This is only going to be more costly because you can now have all glyphs for your class and swap them in and out as needed (though only with a one time buy).

This price hike could’ve been avoided by some careful planning.  Seeing what glyphs would still be needed and then buying the new ones.  Even my scribes (although lower level) should have been working overtime to stockpile glyphs for today.  It was a missed opportunity from a gold making perspective and it is also going to be an expensive one for someone with multiple toons who will all now need glyphs.

Hopefully some of you were wiser than I.

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