“It’s Like A Whole New Game”

Breakfast Mug of Patch 4.0.1.

The title of today’s post is straight out of the mouth of a friend.  Before I get into the accuracy of what he said, understand this was a person who as of Monday was basically burned out from the game.  On one toon he had an amazing raiding Mage while his Tankadin was progressing…but the guild it was in was not.  So, he was burned out and quite honestly bored.   Then came 4.0.1.

Let’s be honest, much of the game is still the exact same as it was four days ago.  How that game is played is what has been flipped upside down.  Hunters are learning what it’s like to be a Rogue with range even more than they ever were, while Rogues suddenly have the ability to regain health in battle.  Druids have tree form as a cooldown spell now, much to the lament of many, while my Paladin tank friends spent the better part of a few hours wondering what happened to their class.  In fact, nearly every tanking class has had to learn things all over again…to say nothing of the other classes and roles. 

People have said the only thing that could top WoW on the MMO sales is WoW2.  The mechanics of the game have been drastically changed, and the entire world will be changed in eight weeks.  What we have come to know and play and conquer, and how we did it, will be nothing like what (and how) any new player will do.  Cataclysm is the closest thing to a sequel as we can get. It will most likely continue to bring in new players, but it seems to be sinking its teeth into the old ones as well.

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