Well Deserved

Arguably one of the hardest achievements to obtain, or at the very least the longest, WALSTIB is the pinnacle of completing all the holiday achievements -or at the very least most, since some are not required for this achievement.  In my guild I know of three people who have done it, which takes essentially a year to knock off.

The reward for doing so?  50 points and more importantly the Reigns to the Violet Proto-Drake.  Again, this isn’t a mount you see a great deal of because of the time and effort involved.  Miss just one achievement and you need to wait another year for the chance to do it.

So, with that in mind, I applaud Blizzard announcing that the 310% mount training that has been introduced is free for those folks who obtain the Long achievement.  People worked hard and devoted a fair bit of time to doing it so a 5000g discount (barring faction rep) seems like a nice reward to go along with the Violet Proto.

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