A Real Life World Event

BlizzCon is now in full swing out in Anaheim, California.  So far the biggest news I’ve come across relates to Diablo III, but they have announced another charity pet in the form of a Moonkin Hatchling.  This afternoon there was to be some discussion on the upcoming instances and raids in Cataclysm as well, but other than that I’ve not checked out the schedule.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I really expected the cinematic to be revealed at BlizzCon.  Instead we got the Cataclysm video on Sunday after the commercial aired.  It was the last thing I thought would happen.  Having said that, I really believe Blizzard hangs on to something juicy just for this week.  Let’s face it, there were rumblings about the next expansion (Worgen and Goblins masks found in the data-mining) before it was announced at last year’s convention.  However, we had no idea how big of a reveal we were going to get.  Heck, we weren’t even sure if Blizzard was going to acknowledge it as legit or a Hallow’s End gag.

So what could be the big news coming out for World of Warcraft this week?  It really is hard to say.  In terms of game content, there’s not a lot left to reveal that would shock the masses and send us players into a frenzy.  There is, however, one little thing sitting on the sidelines that if there was some details to be shared might at least have people go “OMG!” again: World of Warcraft The Movie. 

We really haven’t heard anything about the project since July of last year when it was announced that Sam Raimi would be directing the project.   Heck, even having Sam himself show up and discuss some of the details would be a great surprise.  Of course, I’m an Evil Dead fan and part of me thinks Bruce Campbell has the perfect chin for Varian Wrynn (come on, you know Campbell will make a cameo of some sort).  Ok I’m getting off track now.  But honestly, I still have people asking me about the movie and when it might happen.  So, maybe we get some answers this week…

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