Are You Hallowed?

The hours come to a close on the latest holiday and its events.  Hallow’s End saw me end up with the Horseman’s mount on a toon I didn’t really want it on, but not on the one I did want.  I did a fair bit more for the title this year on both Tumunzahar and Siori, but still not enough for either to get the title.

For both, it came down to one thing: masks.  Siori got one nearly every day, but many of them were duplicates while Tumunzahar only garnered four masks during the entire holiday.  Most of Siori’s came from the Horseman himself, because Trick or Treating was not kind to me.

I did end up with every wand except the Leper Gnome.  I have sold some charges, traded some charges and even given a couple away despite my recommendations earlier this week.  But, again, I did not pursue Hallowed Be Thy Name because it can’t be done without the mask achievement.  For me, I look ahead to next year.  How did you make out?

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