Community Benefit

It’s one of those cases of too little, too late.  In Sunday’s column I spoke about Hallow’s End and how I failed to pursue the Hallowed title more heavily because I didn’t have nearly enough masks on any toon.  It was an error on my part and one I didn’t learn about until late that night, when the event was nearly over.

You lovely reader folk you were kind enough to send to me a couple of e-mails pointing out the only related achievement you needed was the first time you equip a mask, not the one in which you collected all twenty.  I learned this the hard way, because it was too late in the day for me to even try to get the other achievements that would no longer be available after Sunday.  I also was in no position to correct the advice of my column.

But, that’s the beauty of a community.  Where I might falter, it is comforting to know the masses will pick me up and guide me down the right path once more.  I’m human, and I’ll make mistakes.  The vast knowledge that is out there is just a click away and having you to put me right again is appreciated.

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