Some Things Are Unavoidable

I Hate Poor Taste Jokes

World of Warcraft mentions that online experience may change gameplay.  I’m certain that applies to the game’s rating, and more specifically just how bad it can get courtesy of other players.

To be honest, it’s hard not to get caught up in the nonsense on Trade some days.  There are trolls that are almost professional at what they do and quite honestly the easiest thing to do is either /ignore or simply leave the channel.  Even the new anti-spam features put into the chat settings by Blizzard provides only moderate improvements, so the options I mention are probably the best ones.

The bigger issue I have is actually in character and guild names.  I recently created a Guild called <Auction House Miner> because I really don’t have enough bank space.  Well, that and it’s cheaper to get three new guild bank tabs than it is to buy the fourth.  I thought it was moderately amusing and can’t possibly offend someone.  I do the same thing when naming characters.  So I get all “old guy on the lawn” when I see other players unable to do the same thing.  <Jesus Used A Soulstone> isn’t funny.  I don’t even say that based on my own religion.  It just isn’t funny.  Character names like Ballgayzer and his pet Poosandwich or Irontitz or some of the far worse ones I’ve seen aren’t amusing either and you can’t help but wonder what the thought process is when these come to be…or how they can even exist as level 80.

I understand some people just like to push the envelope on names, such as a guildmate who called himself Goochsweat.  Apparently he’s got others that are just as bad or worse and while he seems a nice enough guy, I always wonder: “why?”  I’m sure the mindset is to find that benchmark where Blizzard will draw the line and the player just figures they will simply have to change their name.  But what if the penalty was harsher?

I read this week, possibly on Mental Shaman, about Blizzard really throwing down the hammer in Arena play.  Inappropriate named characters or teams found guilty will be outright deleted.  I know many applaud this decision and as you might guess, I’d really like the powers that be to take this one step further and make it across the game.  While I suggested Goochsweat is a nice guy, I wouldn’t be bothered in the slightest if the toon was deleted, or if it happened to other players like him.  I’d also take comfort when guildies ask me what I think of their children learning the game, or even younger members of my own family did the same.  I’d know I wouldn’t get the “what’s a seveninchload” question because they saw it as someone’s character.  Or, possibly something even worse that I don’t even want to dream up. 

The biggest impact of all is that it might cut back on some of the overall immaturity in the game that’s not hard to find.  Imagine players doing a double take when they sneak that amzing Warlock to 85, nab some of the latest Teir Gear and then two days later *poof* character is gone.  Reason – inappropriate name.  Some would fight it.  Some would probably try to come up with some other means of trollishness or asshattery as I like to call it.  But let’s be honest, they couldn’t really deny the grounds for the deletion.  Some fluke might happen, but inappropriate naming is done just for that reason and the chunk of the populace that has anything resembling maturity shouldn’t have to be subjected to it.

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