I Was Wrong But Will I Be Right?

Just Because I Killed Him Doesn't Mean I Won't Miss Him

So, despite my comments yesterday, it seems the next patch very well could be The Shattering, complete with Deathwing poking his head out to say hello to all of us (right before incinerating everyone in the zone…feat of strength, yay!).  The good news, is this ties in nicely still to my discussion for today and that’s anticipation for what this week holds for our characters.

What I Would Like To See:

The character based things.  Thrall making his decision.  The tablets getting from you the character dropping them off in Ironforge, to Magni trying to use them.  What Garrosh is informed of that leads to his confrontation with Cairne.  Most of all, some further explanation on the new class/race combos.  Yes, we’ve had the Elf Mages explained, and the Sunwalkers of the Tauren.  But just a bit more bread on my butter would be nice for things like Human and Forsaken Hunters (the latter being a no-brainer given who their leader is), not to mention Gnome Priests!  I would rather learn about these important changes as they’re happening, rather than in quests after they’ve been implemented…or worse, have to read them in a book (as good as The Shattering by Christie Golden actually looks to be).

What Makes More Sense:

Wouldn’t it be fun if the day started out with earthquakes and elemental invasions and then slowly the invasions disappeared and the earthquakes got stronger Monday afternoon?  The Earthen Ring folk could talk about how the source of the problem is rumoured to have been located but that there’s no confirmation on what the source is.   Or the Twilight Cultists start mocking the general populace about being right all along about our impending doom.  Then slowly but surely in the evening build up the rumors more and more.  Have city folk even talk about their leaders whispering to one another about “Deepholme.”  Then, at the stroke of midnight server time, the earthquake of all earthquakes, and an hour of screams and Deathwing sightings!

Then drop the realms for regular maintenance.  Let’s face it, the overhauling of Azeroth is not going to happen while we’re logged in.  Then again, riding across The Barrens only to be suddenly a mile above a lava chasm would be amusing -for a moment.  It would be far better to leave everyone hanging after such a build, convert the world, and then bring up the new Azeroth for everyone to see when maintenance is over.  It’s as though we as players would be waking from the aftermath of Deathwing’s escape/the Cataclysm.

No matter what plays out, or how, there is definitely excitement in the air.  I wasn’t around for the launch of The Burning Crusade, but this definitely has players on edge as much as Wrath did in anticipation.

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