Monday Money Making: A Mistress For Glyphmas

Make Lots. No, More Than That. Even More.

Do you have a scribe?  Is said scribe ready for tomorrow?  With extended maintenance, you can pretty well guarantee those Shattering rumours are true.  That means, Goblin and Worgen aside, you will be able to roll new combinations galore.  You know what that means? 

If you answered “I finally get my Troll Druid,” I’ll give you a cookie.  If you guessed “new characters means more Glyph demand” then you outright earn the recipe and can, from here on out, make your own cookies.  The fact is whether you missed the last Glyphmas like I did, or you always have your ear to the gold ground, there’s another chance to exploit the need for Glyphs. 

People have been dumping a great number of materials (at least on my servers) and that includes ink, pigments, and in some cases herbs.  Midnight Ink alone has been about 2g each and quick math will tell you that most minor glyphs you’re selling are going to go for more than 6g a pop even after the auction house cut.  Some are much more.  If you don’t think that, then these columns aren’t for you.  Getting back on track, even some of the popular glyphs themselves have dropped in price.  Stockpiling hasn’t been hard, but even if you haven’t been stockpiling you should still be able to get some made in the next few days to week.

As you amass, or have amassed, your vast collection of glyphs you have two opportunities to sell fast.  No, the first is not tomorrow.  In fact, bid on anything low on the auction house and don’t list a damn thing.  The realms will be down for far too long for anyone to buy from you, or outbid you (most likely).  Most glyphs can’t be used until level 25, so a good chunk of the new combos probably won’t be at that level until the weekend (when they’ll really have time to go crazy with their new characters.  That gives you a few days to stockpile, as I mentioned. 

The other option, is to wait even longer.  Sure, you’ll sell some in the next week or so, but you’ll sell a tonne come December 7th and afterwards.  The characters that are going to be made this week will really be hitting their stride just as Cataclysm comes.  Some will get much further (and those are the ones you want to lure in with your first option sales), but some will literally collect dust when the 7th hits for one of two reasons.  Either the player goes back to their main…or they roll a Goblin or Worgen.  Yes, that’s right.  Even more glyph needing toons.

Regardless of whether you pick now, later, or both, if you can make the glyphs you will easily be able to sell the glyphs.  People will be so entrenched in the new content by Christmas that there’s a good chance, though, you’ll see your profit margins close a bit during that time because people will be sticking with leveling/raiding or even making their own scribes.  So, strike while your inks are fresh.

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