Zuni My Friend

Heads up, there’s spoiler’s in today’s post pertaining to the Troll start area.  If you don’t want to have it ruined, find a different topic to read today.  Consider yourself warned.

Go Suck On A Trident

Like many of you out there, I rolled a Troll Druid.  The Echo Isles is a great hub of quests and very well captures the feel of Vol’jin getting his people back on track.  You even get to see a scenario between him and Garrosh that’s great for those who want to see the new Warchief put in his place a bit now and then.  You also get to meet another character named Zuni.

Zuni first catches up to you as you’re crossing a bridge to another small isle.  He comments that he’s also finished his training and walks with you (if you wait long enough).  Even asks you to not make him look bad.  Then he’s gone again until it’s time to fight some Naga in a cave.  Suddenly he’s by your side again and the two of you deal some damage (while he chimes in with some great lines, too).  It’s almost like that guy you went through college with.  There’s a bond that quickly forms.

After the Naga, you head up topside on the island to rejoin Vol’jin and take down the Dark Lady causing the tribe some grief.  Zuni joins the fray as well and helps fend off spirits and take down the evil woman.  During the fight, she uses flame pits to draw power.  You can easily stomp them out and fast…though boss lady isn’t too happy about it.  The next time she does it, Zuni steps up and takes care of business.  Well, unlike you, he fails to escape her wrath for doing so.  Zuni takes a nasty spell and drops as the rest of you finish the fight.  Vol’jin says for the healer to take care of Zuni and then to return to the village…except that the healer says nothing can be done.  He’s dead.  Poor Zuni, I hardly knew you.

This was clearly an elaborate way for me to praise yet another effort by the Blizzard folk.  This questline was brilliantly done and brought a random NPC to life.  Don’t believe me?  There are countless threads dedicated to him, including this one on the forums.  To be honest, until I even clicked on Zuni I thought he was another player.  It was just so random.  It’s a nice touch that makes the world around you feel alive rather than just there while you fill in the blanks.  Here’s hoping this trick was applied in more than one place.

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