Monday Money Making: A Changing Economy

Don't Tell Me You Can't Make This

Notice something in particular since the patch dropped?  Say, in the Auction House?  Yep…mats have gone screwy.  Many people stocked up on materials prior to 4.0 and some of that was great and some of it not so great.  If you’ve been out and about you’ll notice Mithril is almost everywhere and none of us saw that coming.  If you stockpiled, you’re probably thinking “sell off” before it’s too late.  Why?

Be honest, if you dump it now, it will probably be at a loss (if not, well, good for you).  I’m not talking just Mithril here.  I’m talking any materials you think you’re taking a loss on because of how the auction house looks now.  There’s no need to fire sale before it drops too much.  In fact, I’ve done the opposite with a number of items.   That’s right, I’ve bought more of what I have stockpiled.

I have two reasons for this.  One, there’s a good chance some things aren’t always going to be this low.  The ridiculous influx of lowbie characters who took farming for their professions will eventually ease.  I expect somethings to revert a bit when Cataclysm hits because many people will then focus on end-game and raiding.  The other thing is profit through professions.  Malachite and Copper Bars are two key ingredients for the Mechanical Squirrel.  If I can make one for less than 50s (don’t forget the Linen Cloth) and then sell it for anywhere between 4-12g, that’s still a profit.  It’s also just one example.

Whatever route you decide to take, the key thing to remember is that as things drop (or prices rise), you need to adjust your buy threshold and your sell threshold.  Also, keep this in mind if you’re on more than one server.  Different servers have different economies and so do opposing factions on the same server.  It’s up to you to evolve with it, not succumb to it.

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