Mining Guide: Twilight Highlands

While many folk jumped on Goblins/Worgens/Mains, I took Tumunzahar to mining.  I suffered through Obsidium Ore in Hyjal as long as I had to (packed zone, plus other miners) and then took off as soon as I could do Elementium.  I headed straight to Twilight Highlands where I figured few people would be.  In fact, while mining there Tuesday there were never more than four Alliance players and two of those were Shamans trying for server first 85.  So needless to say, I had my pick of the terrain and had plenty of minerals in no time (not much Pyrite as I might have liked though, it’s the new Titanium hotness).

So, while the Ore nodes spawn throughout, here’s the route I found the best to get a consistent supply.  The reason it’s short is because there shouldn’t be too many people farming the place yet.  No point wasting time flying, when there’s fast enough spawning and availability to keep it simple.  It’s also why I’m getting this route up fast, so you can get in and get what you need before the place is crawling with farmers.

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