No Feather Fall or Levitate back then.

Every once in a while something happens in game that just makes you laugh.  We’re talking side busting laughter, here.  A couple of days ago I had a minor chuckle, and it got me to thinking about the funniest moment in WoW for me.  After much deliberation, I had a tie between two cases.

One day, while a Hunter friend was running my Priest and another toon through Sunken Temple, I backed up and actually fell down the hole in the middle of the room.  In all honesty, I had never noticed the hole before.  Shame on me.  I released and began my corpse run, telling him he could have come down and saved me (the other toon was a Paladin).  Keep in mind, I had released already.  At level 70, he looked down the hole and jumped.  And died.  While myself and the Paladin roared with laughter, he was swearing at me. 

“You said come rescue you.”

“Yeah, after I released. Plus, I fell in the hole and died. What made you think you wouldn’t?”

“It didn’t look that far down.”

A tie-in to that story is a friend of mine who used to run lowbies through the Temple used to tell them the shortcut to exist the instance was to jump down that hole.  We’re a cruel lot, but we’re funny.

My other “my sides hurt” moment involves Siori, a Mage, and the Lunar Festival.  As a Rogue, I had it made for things like this (Vanish!), but said Mage needed Thunder Bluff as well so we agreed to go together.  The plan was to run in, grab the Elder and then jump off the Bluff and we’d Feather Fall.  Everything went perfect.  We got the Elder, Feather Fall was cast and we jumped. 

Well, I jumped first.  He plummeted past me.  As I was standing over his corpse at the bottom of the Bluff I asked what happened.

“I don’t know. I cast the spell on both of us.”

“Glitch?” was my only explanation at this point. After a moment, the next comment from him was “aw fuck.”

Now this is the moment I know something isn’t right. All my sense are saying he forgot to cast it, and I point blank ask if he forgot.

“Nope. I cast it twice…on you.”

To this day I have not let him live that down.  I still laugh at the image in my head of him slamming into the ground.  It’s funnier because I tricked him into doing the same thing again one day at the Wintergrasp/Sholozar Border. 

What about you?  What’s the funniest moment in your playing days?

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