20 Days of World of Warcraft: Day One

I’ve seen this series of topics posted on many different blogs, so unfortunately I can’t give credit to who might have started it. If you know, pass the information on and I will certainly give credit.

Favorite Class And Why?

Not surprisingly, I love my Priest. Holy, of course. Nothing against Disc, as it’s a solid healing spec, too. I just prefer Holy. There’s something about healing that is unmatched in WoW. Sure, the tank needs to maintain aggro levels but the survival of the party or raid ends up falling on the shoulders of the healers. I posted during the elemental invasion how a Paladin and myself essentially two-manned a boss.  Those situations, regardless of how big or small they are is a definite adrenaline rush.

So why a Priest over the other three healing classes?  Well, I will be honest in saying I really have come to like the Restoration Shaman.  I was leveling Carrera prior to Cataclysm and had a great time with it.  I’d put it a close second to my Priest.  As for what makes a Priest better than Paladins or Druids, I really can’t say.  I think for the Paladins it goes back to my RPG days, in that I always saw Paladins as the do-gooders at the front line.  They’d toss out some Lay On Hands, but traditionally the Clerics were the healers in the group.  My Druid ideas are probably slanted for the same reason.  Even in WoW, I love the Feral aspect of Druids.  I guess you could really sum it up as I just know the Priest class the best out of the bunch. 

I’ll play Priest first and foremost, then Rogue, then Shaman or Druid.  Let’s face it, the folks who know me will attest that I love the game and love creating characters of all shapes and sizes and classes (though I don’t have a Pally right now).  But if told I could only have one, it would be a Holy Priest.

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