20 Days of WoW: Day Three

Favorite NPC

World of Warcraft’s non-player crowd is such a diverse and entertaining bunch.  So many are references to pop culture whether it be real or fictitious.  For that reason, there are many wonderful folks out and about, so it’s can be hard to just choose one.   The more prominent faces in the game are often so well developed that we fall in love with them, or despise them, or have any myriad of emotional connection.  For me, there’s one that stands above the rest:  Lady Sylvanas.

Hers is a tale of tragedy and revenge, a High Elf Ranger captured by Arthas the Lich King.  He tortured her, killed her, and then raised her as an undead simply out of pettiness.  As history tells us, she and others managed to break free of his will and under the Dark Lady’s direction and subsequent rule became the Forsaken.  As of late, she seems to be more diabolical than ever (which, personally, I have no problem with) playing the new warchief while also trying to stay in the Horde’s good graces following the Wrathgate incident.

I’ve always been a fan of elves or half-elves.  Yes, I find they can be pompous and self-absorbed, but I’ve always been drawn to them and their Ranger class.  Doesn’t hurt I’ve used a bow myself, though not in many years.  Her character’s overall abilities and the way she is portrayed is really what I like.  It’s the same reason I loathe Garrosh and King Varian at this point.  They froth at the mouth and just destroy everything as their solution.  Sylvanas tends to have a third and fourth motive to most things that she does.

In fact, with the Lich King defeated it almost seems as if she’s got nothing to focus on and is starting to become unhinged.  You learn a lot of where the Forsaken Queen is at by doing the Gilneas start zone, and the Undead one as well to be honest.  She’s as cunning as ever, but doesn’t seem constrained by any particular goal.  Her whole purpose was to seek revenge on Arthas for what he did to her, and now that he’s dead and gone it appears as if she has a thirst for power.  Whether she plans to play Garrosh or this is the result of something else is anyone’s guess.

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