20 Days of World of Warcraft: Day Four

Favorite Emote

 WoW has some great emotes.  While I haven’t seen them all (or any of the Goblin ones) I still find the Gnome /dance to be funny, as is the Tauren one.  The Male Human’s re-telling of Lord of The Rings still puts a smile on my face (pretty much the only thing about humans I like), and even the Male Draenei mourning the loss of his wife makes me chuckle (“that is the bad news…the good news is, I”M AVAILABLE!”) and might’ve been my favourite if not for Cataclysm.


With the expansion came the Worgen and honestly I would have had no clue about this emote if not for someone suggesting anyone playing a Male version in Worgen form try it.  /growl is just awesome sounding.  When you think of a creature growling at you, there’s a certain way you expect it to come out…a viciousness to it.  Blizzard captured it perfectly, I have to say.  Now, I always picture my Warrior doing that now before he charges in. 

Oh, if you play a female…don’t even try it.  Trust me.

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