20 Days of World of Warcraft Day Six: Favorite Dungeon

While I can pick my favorite dungeon right off the hop, there are too many I like to limit things to just one.  Rest assured, Maraudon and Gnomeregan are nowhere to be found.

6. Ahn’Kahet: Old Kingdom
This one makes the list for no reason other than the final fight against Herald Volazj. The first time I went into this place I was pure O-M-G over it. It was so different, and so much fun (even more so later in the expansion when you were more likely to PuG the place and could kill the “evil” version of someone annoying).  Him basically going Old God in your head was sweet.  It was also one of those times where if the healer was significantly better than the rest of the party, you might be in trouble.  I’ll always have a spot for this one.

5. Halls of Reflection
I know people out there who loathed getting this dungeon, because quite often bad things happened.  Whether dumb luck or what, people just had a heck of a time with this place and the end result was probably a “deserter” tag.  I loved it as a healer because once you got through the early stages, your job was done.  Healing the final run is a piece of cake, and tanking is too.  It all comes down to whether your dps is good enough.  Nothing more, and nothing less.  For all the times healers and tanks get bitched at, this place makes me smile.  Literally being chased by Arthas doesn’t hurt the fun effect either.

4. Blackrock Depths
This is another instance people tend to loathe.  The most prominent reason is the sheer size of the place.  I remember the first couple times I went into BRD I was just in awe.  I also got lost on more than one corpse run.  But that never took away from just how much fun I had in it, and once you had someone competent leading the way it got even better (which even today is usually me in the party).  You just had to set aside a good block of time.  The various trips I made in there to get attuned for Onyxia still makes me smile.

3. Magister’s Terrace
For the most part, I really didn’t like the dungeons in Outland. Part of it might have been a lack of lore involvement on my part, I can’t say. But most of them I had no use for and just went through the motions in them. For that reason, Magister’s Terrace is an anomaly. I enjoyed everything about the place and it didn’t hurt that my first trip in resulted in the Phoenix.  Honestly, it’s probably not a coincidence my favorite Burning Crusade dungeon was located in Azeroth. 

2. Caverns of Time: The Culling of Stratholme
Even though it didn’t make the list, the old Stratholme is still a personal favorite of mine. Blame Baron Rivendare never dropping the mount for me, if you must. Combine my enjoyment of said dungeon with my love of Warcraft lore and the opportunity to go back and go through this event was a treat for me. This “timeline” is a key point in the path to Arthas becoming the Lich King and I run it to this day.

1. Shadowfang Keep
As I said from the start, when I have to name a favorite dungeon this bad boy tops the list. I haven’t had the pleasure of running it on Heroic yet, but that’s fine by me. The whole aura of the place just calls out to me. The castle and all its inhabitants were just put together so incredibly. From the first few wolves to Arugal himself. Optional bosses are also a plus (much like BRD and Old Kingdom). Every toon I make has to go through this place for me to truly be happy. It’s just a matter of Alliance folk getting there.

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