20 Days of World of Warcraft Day Nine: Combo #5

Which Race/Class Combo Are You Most Like In Real Life?

This is a tough one that took some thinking on my part.  The first thing I had to do was be honest with myself, and then I decided to look at the classes first.  While I enjoy my Priest and Rogue, I can’t put my finger on either of them.  There are aspects of both that I hold to in life, but I don’t have enough of either to agree concretely.  I would group Paladins in the same area as Priests, and feel free to draw your own conclusions.  With some military experience and a strong defiance, I could be a Warrior.  What about Warlocks or Death Knights?  Nah, I can’t connect with either on any level.  Since we’re talking about an extension of self here, you’d have to think that’s a start point.  My dad might fall under Hunter on some level, but I didn’t get enough of his traits in that department.  Shamans?  I definitely have a respect for the Earth, nature, and the elements.  I’d like to think if I was a Mage, I would definitely be a Frost Mage.  Cold to the core when I need to be.  But that’s not it either.  That leaves just one.

I connect with the Druid class in WoW more than anything.  Like the Shaman, they respect the earth and what it offers but they never take from it.  They also heal those around them, but will turn feral when the situation calls for it.  To go from tender and loving to ferocious and fierce in the blink of an eye, I can connect with that.  Druids also change their form to meet the needs of the situation.  I think we as people definitely do that, and most who know me would argue I can fit in nearly anywhere however I’m needed.

Also, those who know me will say that I fall under the sign of Taurus.  It would only stand to reason that I’d choose the Tauren as the race that I connect with then.  Wrong.  The Tauren are a noble race, and while I can see that in myself, they think things through far too well for me to paint myself under their banner.  Yes, I can stew on things, but as I said before I can turn in a heartbeat.  Sometimes that can be a direct knee jerk result.  No, there’s another race that better suits me and that emotional side of me.  I have a temper that I can keep in check.  Unfortunately when it does let loose, it’s more of an explosion.  It’s akin to a curse as far as I’m concerned, and it’s for that reason I would choose the Worgen.  For all intent purposes, human but cursed.

If you’re surprised by the result, you’re not alone.  I honestly would not have said that combination at the start.  I would have probably suggested something Tauren or even Dwarven.  But, as I said, if I was going to do this I had to be honest about it and I can say that I was.

2 thoughts on “20 Days of World of Warcraft Day Nine: Combo #5

  1. jenny January 2, 2011 / 1:29 am

    gee, figure out which one i am please:)

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