Where’s Our New CoT?

While I’ve admittedly not gone into the new dungeons yet, or even looked them up (hoping my first trip is spoiler free with guildies), I have noticed one thing so far and that’s a lack of Caverns of Time instance.

Personally, the Caverns of Time encounters are among my favourites.  The Culling of Stratholme was even on my top 5 dungeons in the game, while rescuing Thrall, helping Medivh at the Dark Portal, and defeating Archimonde at Hyjal are all also great.  They’re wonderful lore moments that players get to loosely be a part of. 

I remember when Wrath of the Lich King was coming down the pipeline, I was ecstatic when they announced Stratholme as the mystery portal that was being worked on in the caverns.  This time around, Blizzard confirmed we’d be getting another instance (actually another raid seems more likely).

If I were putting it together, I’d go with one the players might not necessarily want to do.  The heroes really wouldn’t agree with it, but it would be based on the butterfly effect theory in that if you change one thing you can change nearly anything.  So, I’d have the players help Putress make it to the Wrathgate. 

Admit it, neither the Horde or Alliance would be keen on this at all.  NPC heroes fell at the Wrathgate, namely Saurfang the Younger and Bolvar Fordragon.  So, if someone came and said to folks “listen, we need you to make sure the events that lead to these two dying definitely happen,” what do you think the response would be?  Exactly.  However, the Keepers of Time could weave a tale in which Bolvar Fordragon must fall at the Wrathgate so that he may later dawn the helm of the Lich King.  Players would hear how Jaina used her Arcane power to prevent anyone else from wearing the helm and put it on herself (she had a Nightmare of this happening, after all).  Instead of the Lich King being sealed up, the Lich Queen would annihilate Azeroth to the core.  It’s similar to why you’d help Arthas raze Stratholme. 

The run would probably have three encounters.  The first would be to help Putress and company sneak the New Plague from Undercity to Northrend.  The second could be against your opposing faction (similar to ToC).  Defend the Forsaken against an attack from a 5-man raid, essentially.  The third would involve a Nathrezim or something similar that wants to ensure the Jaina scenario plays out.  They’d stand in your way, similar to Mal’Ganis.

I’m sure the developers could put a better spin on it as well to really tighten it up and make it as unique as the others.  Whether they’d even go that route or something different (I think at one point someone suggested War of the Ancients), the point is we need our next CoT adventure.

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