Good News Pet Collectors!

Cute and....fluffy?

My guild (and many I know of) has been farming critters with some regularity, in an effort to knock off Critter Kill Squad and grant our pet collectors the lovely Armadillo Pup as the reward.  However, if you’ve accomplished said achievement there’s a slight problem with enjoying the rewards and it’s that you need to be Exalted with your guild.

There’s light on the horizon, though.  The notes for Patch 4.0.6 include the news this requirement is being reduced to Revered.  I know a few people will be happy with this news, and I think Blizzard was in the right in making this change.

I recognize they want some of the achievements to require some work to attain, and some guild commitment in order to achieve them, but for alt-guilds or small guilds it means working twice as hard.  I think this caters to those types without “caving in” too much.

Now if you’ll excuse me, this particular Guild Leader needs to work on getting Honored with their own guild…

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