Professional Bank Toons

Money Never Sleeps, Pal

Recently over at WoW Ladies, someone asked what professions their bank alt should have.  Amidst gold making efforts and several bank toons I can honestly say it never occurred to me until that moment. 

If your bank toon is nothing but the bare bones level 10 with a 5-tab guild bank, then there’s really no point in professions.  You’re not planning to level them and they certainly aren’t going anywhere.  Even if you did give them a profession, there’s not really any recipes at that level that would be worth having.

Now obviously, any toon can be a your banker.   You just plan on having them in a city for a period of time while you focus on some other toons.  A bookmark for your guild bank, as it were.  So once again your profession choices are wide open as well, though gathering profs won’t do much if you’re sitting in the city.

Let’s stop for a second though and really dive in.  You’re going to make a bank alt, but it’s one you also plan to level.  How far is hard to say, but you want to get them high enough to take advantage of some of the recipes out there.  Plus, you’re smart, so you’ll get off on the right foot from the get go.   In the past I’ve suggested the best way to level is with Mining and Herbalism.  Doing this will give you a couple of options. 

For starters, keep everything you farm.  Store it until you’re satisfied with the level you’re at (possibly 85 if that’s what suits you).  At that point it’s time to shift gears.  Now, with herbalism you can go Alchemy or Inscription.  Both make decent money, though I would say Scribes tend to make more money.  They have enough niche glyphs and offhand items that you can do well, where Alchemy has its Transmutes and endgame flasks and such.  However I find if you’re not catering to the raiding populace then quite often the herbs are worth more raw.  So you can either go Inscription or just sell off all the herbs you’ve gathered.  Honestly, I’d sell. 

On the other side, you have a tonne of Ore at this point.  Three professions put this to use and in order of profit they’re Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing, and Engineering.  The last one can make you a decent return but aside from the pets, requires odd combinations of ingredients.  I wouldn’t suggest it for a bank toon because it’s too time consuming.  So, it becomes Blacksmithing or Jewelcrafting. 

This is a bank toon, so there’s a good chance you’re not going to be raiding.  That makes Blacksmithing ok, since you can still make lower level tank gear and Enchanting Rods sell for a mint.  I would suggest it over Jewelcrafting, simply on the basis of needing to do the Jewelcrafting dailies in order to get decent endgame gem cuts (where most of the money is made). 

So, out of five professions, I’ve pegged Blacksmithing as the one to generate you some coin.  If you do go this route, put your toon in either Thunder Bluff or the Dwarven District in Stormwind.  Those are the auction houses that are closest to an anvil and forge.  But, a couple of the other professions are also quite viable.  Enchanting is the most consistantly profitable profession in the game.  Mats are not that hard to come by because quite often people sell green gear for less than the mats they disenchant into, while twinks and BoA weapons beg for easy to make scrolls (which I’ve discussed in Monday Money Making several times). 

Skinning and Leatherworking tend to go hand in hand.  However, skinning is ridiculously tedious and if you took the other two gathering professions in order to level up, then you really won’t be doing any skinning.  If you want to take Leatherworking, by all means you can, you’ll just be buying your mats (which is entirely viable).  Things like Barbaric Bracers are great for twinks and your leg enhancements later on sell very well.

That leaves Tailoring, which is a decent profession as well because everyone needs bags.  Netherweave bags turn a 200% profit on my server just from buying the cloth on the Auction House.  I can’t keep enough of them on the market either.  But, the profession isn’t one dimensional.  There are a number of items that are great (especially if you’re on an RP server), and many come straight from the trainer.  Spidersilk Boots are the best any twink caster can have at level 19.  Not to mention the leg thread enhancements you can make later on, much like leatherworking.

So after all of that, you can guess where I stand.  It’s a proven fact that Enchanting and Jewelcrafting are the most consistantly profitable professions in Warcraft.  For a bank toon, it’s up to you whether you want to take the character far enough to make Jewelcrafting viable though.  After those two, I would honestly put my time in either Tailoring or Blacksmithing.  Nothing against Leatherworkers, I just don’t see as many return items in their recipe book.

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