All You Wanna Do Is Ride Around Sally…

Guild Perks

This is a post I’ve had on the backburner for close to a month now.  It stems from Shy at WoW’s mount post.  After I read that, my first thought was while I had kept pretty up to date on the new stuff in Cataclysm, I had no idea about two thirds of these new mounts.  My second thought?  Crap, I want some of them.

Going through Shy’s list, I already have the Seahorse on Tum because he quested in Vash’jir.  Still not a zone I’m too fond of, but once again I like having things that I picture he’d go crazy while riding (except for the Red Drake as all my toons get that one). 

The Wind Drakes are absolutely stunning.  The only one that doesn’t do too much for me is the West Wind.  Still, I’d be happy to have any of them.

Speaking of does nothing for me…Goblin racials.  Sorry. 

Both Faction mounts for Guild level 25 are nice. I didn’t really understand the lion when I first heard about it, but it’s got a serious noble look to it.  The Horde scorpion just looks mean as hell.  That screams “there’s an orc on me that’s about to crush you under his boot heel.”

Finally, the Stone Drakes are stunning as well (yes, I have a thing for dragons.  It should be quite apparent by now), compared to their proto-cousins of Wrath. 

Indeed, my wishlist grows.  Siori still seeks the Baron’s mount in Stratholme, while Liouxpold needs to grind out the Cenarion rep for their Hippogryph.  I also want to snag him the Brewfest Kodo this year, while Siori needs the Horseman’s Mount.  Yes, I’m sadly thinking that far in advance.  Perhaps a future post will be a complete mount checklist because goodness knows as my toons level I’ll decide what I want them to have.  Such is the joy of playing them as characters.

What about you?  Any of the new mounts must haves?  Any old ones you still haven’t managed to get that are on your list?

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