A Month?

I honestly can’t believe I hadn’t posted in over three weeks.  That certainly wasn’t my intention upon announcing my return.  In truth, I’ve not played World of Warcraft as much as I might have liked.  With a little one in the house, it gets harder to keep one eye on Azeroth and one on him.

In the 26 days since you last heard from me, Egwydorian (pictured above) has gotten to level 25.  I’ve discovered in the Wetlands the old raptor nest area is now an archaelogical site, complete with living fossils.  A nice little change.  I continue to adjust to playing an Elemental Shaman after having Carrera in the Restoration tree.  Alas, she’s not seen any action in quite some time.

My Warrior Levache remains at level 10.  I finally got the urge to go crazy again with him, and discovered a giant wall where the road out of Thunder Bluff used to be.  It’s little things like that I am enjoying again.  Surprises, as it were.

As well, Clawmantle is now level 8 and in Stormglen.  This will be the third Worgen I’ve run through the start zone, so I know it well and I have managed to avoid any real near death experiences.  At least he has already passed Xelkrik’s point of expiration.

So yes, in the time I have I seem to be spending it puttering around on my lower level characters.  I did, early in the month, burn through Uldum on Siori.  I really enjoy that zone, and everything about it.  I believe she has just a few quests left to knock off in it.  She’s also getting close to 85 so the two might go hand in hand.

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