Good (Enchanting) Friday

In the past I’ve commented on folks who shoot for achievements, or collect mounts and pets.  I’ve stated it’s not really for me, but kudos to them.  It’s one of the beauties of WoW and its ability to adhere to a diverse set of interests.  That said, when it comes to my Professions I’m of a completely different mindset.  Profession recipes turn me into a Pokemaster on crack.

Long I’ve searched for a way to track which recipes I need.  Crafter’s Tome does a decent job, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.  In the past, I tried Ackis but it wasn’t quite what I wanted.  Puttering about this morning, I went back to said addon and am I ever glad I did.  You can look up its functionality in the link, but I’ll sum it up quickly by saying that in game you can open your skill window and scan it to find out what you need and where to get it.  Amen!

So, it turns out according to Ackis, Siori needed 84 recipes to complete Enchanting.  First off, she isn’t at 525 yet, so there’s some I can get just via the trainer.  The two from Ulduar will be slightly more difficult as I’ve never been there.  Still, I quick hopped to the Auction House this afternoon and found two World Drop ones that I needed for less than 10g each.  I then decided to head off to Shadowmoon Valley to try and get Enchant Cloak: Greater Arcane Resistance.  Ackis told me it’s BoP from Eclipsion Archmages.

As you can see by the picture in this post, I succeeded.  I think it took less than 20 kills to obtain it, so I was quite happy.  Up next, a few Magister’s Terrace runs to get the 3 I need there.  Suffice to say, the countdown is on.

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