Need Roll – 88

After much technical difficulty this week, I find myself with a nice new laptop. Things got up and running just in time to run a couple of randoms with Carrera as she grinds Gnomer rep for her “Peep.” She’s now about half way to Exalted, after visits to Dire Maul and Stratholme. For the most part, times were good though I had a tank who liked to pull everything despite being a bit under-geared. I’m amazed how people still underestimate Dire Maul, I really am. What I’m truly amazed at is the fact people are rolling on everything now. Saw a Rogue roll on Blue Plate gear, a Tauren Warrior roll on Healing Cloth, and a Hunter roll against me on Mail gloves that had Spirit & Intelligence.

With a little digging, I’ve found people seem to be carefree about “ninja” rolling on lower levels. They seem to think people won’t care because they’ll be three levels higher tomorrow. Whether that is actually the case or not, people still need to actually be able to do their part. Some folks are also twinks. They don’t necessarily plan to be three levels higher. They might want to stay at the level they’re at. But most importantly of all, there’s common sense and courtesy. Then again, I’ve heard people more and more frustrated over antics such as this. Is it new players who don’t know better? Is it new players that don’t care? Is it old players that don’t care? It could also be there’s the same amount of ignorance that always existed, only we’re more exposed to them via the random dungeon finder.

What do you think? Is there a reason there seems to be more “jerks” than before and have you encountered many?

2 thoughts on “Need Roll – 88

  1. Masaya May 5, 2011 / 7:20 pm

    Scholomance is another dungeon that is deadly when not done right at level. I’ve had a hunter roll need on a healing necklace in BFD and a warrior needing a spell staff that dropped from Mana tombs. What is horrible is that they won the rolls and actually equipped the items. My poor holy pally and mage were left with jaws dropped to the floor.

    I sure hope the jerks aren’t growing in popularity. This is a case where the ‘more the merrier’ quote is not wanted. I barely want to queue up for the RDF as it is with the ones I’ve encountered before!

    Not really sure why there are more jerks around. Perhaps the new Cataclysm dungeons/raids have made a lot of players bitter. The heroics leave little to no room for error with their one-shot mechanics. Raids are especially punishing for casuals. Overall it seems the rewards do not justify the effort put forth. Which could explain why there are shorter tempers being displayed. As for those that roll on everything? I’m perplexed there. I’m still scratching my head at that odd behavior. xD

    • JD Kenada May 5, 2011 / 11:19 pm

      You know, I cringe at doing randoms as well. I remember back in BC (and even early to mid LK) when I didn’t have confidence in my role or the mechanics of the fight it was still ok because nine times out of ten the party would help you out. Now, it seems many people can’t do their own thing right let alone help you. As you said, the more the merrier does not seem to be helping the situation either.

      When our guild was a bit bigger, it was fine because eventually 5 of us could hook up and knock some stuff off. Unfortunately, we’re at a point now where there’s 3-6 players and because of schedules we’re more like ships passing in the night than a guild.

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