I’m A Mac And I’m An NPC

A great article over on WoWInsider this morning. It asks the question, if there was an in-game NPC of you, what would you want it to be? It got me thinking about it, which I had oddly enough never considered.

My good friend Korinite could easily be defined as a dwarf who didn’t have the patience for Elves or Gnomes, and loved his rum. He’d be a warm character otherwise, probably a quest giver in Kharanos or Loch Modan. Perhaps even a Paladin trainer in either locale.

Myself? I gave it a great deal of thought before coming up with an answer. The fanboy in me wanted to say part of the Blue or Red Dragonflight as Kenadastrasz. Perhaps a dragon who gives a quest or two and then provides some assistance such as in Razorfen Downs. But I don’t think it would be quite right. No, while neither race does much for me I think I would end up a Gnome or a Goblin as part of a black market type of affairs. I’d be the kind of NPC you could get nearly any recipe from, at an oddly marked up price. As such, Goblin would probably be the better since they’re incredibly tight with gold and allow no room for negotiation. Just imagine some of the BoP recipes (not even neccessarily the good ones) being sold by a wandering NPC (and when I say wander, a set path but one that crosses all of Azeroth). It would be a quirky and fun NPC without being a spotlight character or anything like that. Plus, it would sum up what I enjoy most and that’s the Auction House.

“Shady” JD has a nice ring to it, I think!

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