Of Cubs And Cuts

I usually reserve Auction House and gold discussion for Mondays, but there’s a tidbit I failed to talk about this week and don’t want it to wait another four days – The Winterspring Cub.

If you haven’t found out just yet, the Winterspring Trainer has given up on having you run around Winterspring’s half acre doing quests.  Instead, he now asks for one thing and then gives you the cub.  Your job is to spend the next 20 days doing a daily that results in the mount.   To tie in with this, though, Blizzard has put a cub vendor in Everlook with a price tag of 50g.  Take advantage of this!

The change only occurred in 4.1 and quite frankly many people don’t yet realize how to get the cub.  For that reason, my server is currently seeing me profit at 30-50g per cub as I list two at a time (as singles, of course), to say nothing of what it might be worth if I flipped it to the Horde.  Odds are you’re going to go do the mount daily anyway -buy a few cubs and send them to someone at an Auction House.

While talking Auction House, there’s a small tip I wanted to piggyback on today’s article and that’s list price.  If you’re running any type of addon that shows vendor price, don’t list items a hair or two above what they might vendor for.  For starters, your listing fee might actually see you take a loss on the item if it doesn’t sell.  More importantly, if it does sell then odds are the Auction House cut will result in a net loss on your part.  Remember, if it’s faster and just as profitable to vendor the item (such as cut blue Wrath gems), don’t waste your time on the Auction House.

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