Monday Money Making: Getting Right To The Core

Ever since Cataclysm hit I’ve noticed a major increase in the drop rate on two particular items.  Actually, that’s not necessarily true but I definitely see far more of them on the Auction House.  They would be Fiery Core and Lava Core.Both items drop from Molten Core.  Perhaps with all the emphasis on Firelands and even going back into Blackrock Mountain folks are running MC for fun.  I can’t say, but whatever the reason these used to be 40g.  Now they’re usually under 10g.  Personally, I wait until they’re listed for around 4g or less before I buy them up by the handful.  You see, they’re great for Reputation with the Thorium Brotherhood.

I know, I know…reputation grinds are nasty.  But hear me out on this one.  For starters, the Thorium Brotherhood is a reputation a number of people tend to pass by.   One of the few reasons to even bother is if you’re a recipe collector, as there are several for the core professions.  A couple of them do well when crafted.  The enchantments do very well.  Obviously it varies from server to server, but I guarantee you there’s at least one or two on the list that you can make a good bit of cash off of (keep in mind every recipe is BoP, so no flipping them).

So what does this have to do with Lava Core and Fiery Core?  As I mentioned, you can hand them in for reputation to the Quartermaster, Lokhtos.  He’s what turns most people away from grinding any reputation, as he’s located in a little room in the back of the Grim Guzzler in BRD.

Our friend here will take your Cores at a mere 2000 rep each. More depending on what level your guild is. That means once you hit Friendly, less than 20 will get you to Exalted!  You don’t even have to go grind out a bunch of quests or hand in 100’s of something.  Less than two dozen and you’re done and you can find them at the expense of someone dumping them on the Auction House.

Keep in mind, as well that a couple of the items he sells are in limited supply.  So you may not necessarily be able to grab all the recipes you need in one fell swoop should someone else have recently visited him for the same purpose.  Regardless, you can probably get two stacks of Lava Core/Fiery Core from your Auction House for under 100g.  Another twenty minutes to visit this guy and you’ll have at least one recipe (more if you’re an Enchanter) that will make that back in less than a week.  Plus, if you don’t have 100g to invest then you probably aren’t reading this.


One thought on “Monday Money Making: Getting Right To The Core

  1. ladysama July 27, 2011 / 1:38 pm

    Nice tip! What a great niche to dabble in on the market. Exalted with Thorium Brotherhood is a goal I want to reach soon. I’ve been sitting at revered for the longest time. It’s about time I get moving on to exalted. The twink enchants are really popular to sell. Plus I found out that the Firelands engineering vendor is associated with this old faction. Yay for discounts!

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