5 comments on “Mists Of Pandaria – Thorough Thoughts

  1. You should contribute this post at Blog Azeroth forums for Shared Topic this week hon. Would be a good contribution so you get involved with the community too. =D Take care! and I hope to see you there in Blog Azeroth soon.

  2. You know, I’ve been meaning to get my feet dabbled in there. The problem is that I remember when I’m at work, and subsequently firewalled.

    I shall take your advice and do just that today though. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  3. Also If you contribute For shared topics, don’t forget to post a link trackback here in Blog Azeroth. and the author who shared the idea for this week’s topic. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and Good to see you get involved in the community. =D

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