Monday Money Making: Buddy Up With Frozo

Today’s gold making tip is another simple little flip trick.  The only real requirement is having someone in, or with access to, Dalaran.  In Wrath of the Lich King, everyone went to Frozo the Renowned because they were generating Frozen Orbs by the handful.  Professions needed Runed Orbs or Crusader Orbs and Frozo trades both for Frozen Orbs, however that’s not why you’ll want to visit him these days.  Instead, look at your Auction House market for the price of Frozen Orbs and then look at the price of Eternals.  On my server, it’s the Fire and Air Eternals that sell for the most amount of money and quite often it’s at a good 30% more than Frozen Orbs sell for.  More importantly, the Eternals tend to sell more quickly.

So, simply visit the Auctioneer and see for yourself.  Then talk to Frozo and trade for the appropriate Eternals.  You’ll generate a few gold (to several) for just a couple of minutes worth of work.  Never a bad way to do things!

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