Pandas No, Fu Yes

So, the question was asked this week over at WoWInsider whether people would be playing the new Monk class when Mists of Pandaria arrive.  To my understanding, this is going to be a base class and thus will not require actually purchasing the expansion (unlike Death Knights, which require Wrath of the Lich King).  If that is the case, then I am in the “will play” category.

No, I’m not reserving the name Omi (no matter how tempted a bald Gnome Monk would be), but I do think the class will be fun.  A class without an auto-attack is a nice change, though I’m notorious for removing it from my action bar and then while waiting for my appropriate non-mana bar to recharge in PvP I get screwed.  Apparently Monks are so focused on their attacks that each is done with careful purpose.  I can buy that. 

The Monk will be a healer/tank/dps class, and at this stage I’m not certain which role I would choose with mine.  It will probably depend on how each plays.  I love healing, but I picture the Monk more as a melee class “throwing down” and being able to withstand spells (and dodging/blocking) more than the type that heal.  This could also be based on my Dungeons & Dragons experience.  Then again, not wanting to heal as a Monk might be based on too much Kung Fu: The Legend Continues growing up.

When I stop to really think about the class, I get the angel and devil on my shoulders (not BoA).  The angel tells me to hold off on playing the class, as with its introduction you can expect constant hotfixes and changes to the abilities to get it in line with the other classes.  The devil on my shoulder points to the same thing, but instead just screams “FACEROLL EM ALL!!!!” 

Whether I wait or not, I will definitely try the class out.  Not sure what race, though.  Honestly, I just don’t see myself as a Tauren or Draenei Monk.  The Tauren just don’t strike me as the type, while the Draenei certainly have the devoutness to pull it off.  Come to think of it, a Forsaken could be fun.  I just picture them doing a kick and from their shin down soars across my screen (and yes, I can somehow ignore the logistics of an Undead Monk).  Better yet, a Gnome Monk named Karma.  Yeah, that one definitely works.

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