2 comments on “Monday Money Making: Spider’s Silk

  1. Every now and then I get in the “farming mood,” and this is one of my favorite things to farm. I typically farm the Widow Leeches in Duskwood, but it seems the drop rate may be a bit lower than what you’ve posted for the Leech Stalkers. I think in about 30 minutes of farming, I got 20. I will definitely be trying out those mobs next time 🙂

    I also try to snatch up Spider’s Silk under 5g or so – sometimes even higher if I’m really running low. I, however, have been able to sell both the Spidersilk Boots, as well as the Spidersilk Drape for about 400-450g each. I usually have one of each posted at all times and often the same person buys both. I do find this a bit high from what I’ve seen on other servers, but I tend to sell 1-3 of each per week.

    Just found your blog, I’ll definitely be adding it to my reader, as it seems to have some fun tips I can use 🙂

    • The Spidersilk Drape is another great item, I just found the turnover rate was slower and not generating as much gold either. But, you pointed out correctly that it depends on the server.

      Glad you like what you saw and thanks for reading (and responding)!

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