Monday Money Making: Gold Guides -Just Say No

You know very well how easy it can be to get gold in World of Warcraft.  Obviously if you’re really lazy you’ll just buy it somewhere and then one can only hope you get caught doing so, but that’s another post for another day.  Today, I want to talk about gold guides.  There are a tonne of them out there.  Just Google the term “gold guide” and see what all comes back.  Some of them are going to be complete scams and others are going to indeed show you ways to generate income in the game (most of which will be on the up and up, but we know there’s a few shady folk out there).  Above all else, they’ll all have one thing in common: they’re not free.

Not that I blame the developers of these guides, because let’s face it the old adage is why give away what you can charge money for.  Think about it for a moment, if you could make a dollar a player off of instance runs for lower level characters, no questions asked, you would probably do it.  Averaging just three players a day would net you almost $100 dollars a month.  So, again, the people that make the guides need not be cast down upon.    In fact, most of the guides offer sound strategies and you can learn a great deal from them to the point that it’s almost worth the investment.

The reason I say almost is because quite frankly you can build your own guide for free.  If you really and honestly want to make gold in World of Warcraft you will.  There’s so much free information out there that it’s ridiculous that anyone would pay for it.  I never have and without trying really hard, I can make more than enough gold to suffice.  Peruse places like Just My Two Copper and other gold guru bloggers, as well as columns like this very one, and you’ll find a tonne of ideas from flipping, to shuffles, to rare recipes, to Netherweave Bags.  There are so many options.

You might be thinking, “that’s true, but the guide has all that information present and already gathered.”  That’s half true.  For starters, the absolute first thing anyone should ever tell you about making gold in WoW is grab an addon. Whether it’s Auctioneer, AuctionLite, Auctionator…doesn’t matter.  Start scanning NOW.  Well, there, you just got that tip for free and it’s one (again) mentioned across the interweb.  Now, the guide will have solid information for you but most of the time it isn’t the person’s best tricks and in some cases it might be outdated.  Or, if the guide is updated, they might tell you the best thing to farm is Obsidium Ore.  Meanwhile something like Khorium Ore might be so rarely farmed (instead of the current content Ore) that it’s worth twice as much.  But the guide maker won’t know that because they aren’t on your server.  Also, patches have a funny way of changing things and unless you get free upgrades each patch, that means your information isn’t necessarily accurate.  Doing it yourself ensures accuracy.  You’ll also see what applies to you and begin to develop your own strategies as you evolve in making gold.  So, since you’ll reach the point of doing it yourself anyway, why pay someone in the first place?

I know today’s column isn’t really about generating gold, but I’ve seen a great many advertisements lately and even had a discussion with a player this past week regarding gold guides that I wanted to write on the subject and this is the place it belongs.  I recently rolled a Goblin on a brand new server and will get out of the start zone this week, so next week it will be back to normal, as I will flat out detail what I’m doing to start generating some money on said server.


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