3 comments on “Who Are These People?

  1. i still remember how i met you. i needed someone to carry cloth for me in deadmines and you and carla both wanted to go. forget how many times we ran it though but i got my tailoring up.

    • I remember that. She stepped out for a few mintues and in that time we ran most of Deadmines, but she was jealous when she got back and so you agreed to run it again. Such fun watching you bubble and then “Benny Hill” all the trash. You inspired me to do it on my Rogue and take other people, except that I told them to listen because I was a Rogue and if they died it sucked to be them. You were much nicer and rez’d people who didn’t listen to you…until you got fed up and said you were out of reagents!

  2. still use i am out of regeants to rez you if i get mad at a group. they are still stupid enough to believe me. even on my mage if i dont want to decurse, i tell groups i never spec’d into decursing.

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