Claws of Nature Opening Guild Hall Doors

Scientists (read: Gnomes and Goblins trying to outdo one another) have found that the average WoW player suffers from one of the following ailments:

  • Has a quirky schedule in which to play WoW.
  • Has a busy schedule and doesn’t have time to raid.
  • Is afraid of the raiding environment and the pressure/expectations.
  • Doesn’t like being pidgeoned into a role
  • Lack of confidence regarding abilities in a team environment.
  • Wants to have an alt they can just go and socially relax on.
  • Suffers from altoholism.
  • Feels altoholism should be embraced.
  • Reads this blog and thinks the writer is an odd duck.
  • Begins to consider being around more ducks.
  • Loves old content, guildmates don’t.
  • In a guild but don’t feel like part of the guild.
  • Has millions of transmog ideas, zero means of facilitating them.

If you suffer from one of the above mentioned ailments it’s time you considered Claws of Nature, a small Level 8 Social Guild on the Alliance side of the Runetotem (US) server.  We can help you enjoy all the aspects of the game you currently take part in, and provide a laid back atmosphere in which to experience some of the other areas that you haven’t had the chance to enjoy(such as, but not limited to; PvP, alt leveling, recipe hunting, transmog hunting, rep grinds, killing Mor’Ladim with a fishing pole).   If this sounds like a match made in heaven to you, then it probably is.  Drop Siori/Tumunzahar a line today!

(**Warning** Side effects may include: an incredible amount of fun, side splitting laughter, random acts of kindness, acquiring that recipe/pet/mount that has thus far eluded you, leaving your main behind to further learn the ways of Fishing Pole vs. Mor’ladim 101 and How Not To Cast Feather Fall Article 404, and finally that random moment where your beverage of choice suddenly coats your computer monitor because of something someone said in guild chat).

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