5 comments on “Races And Praise

  1. I love it! It all works, and the racials and everything are great, as well as the lore for them.

    Only problem I can see it that Quillboar are really dumb, right? I always got that impression from the Razorfen places, anyway. Any RPer would have to speak in grunts and snuffles.

    • Some folk do that now. We call `em Orcs. (I’m kidding Ratshag)

      But, there is some parallel aspects to the two races. Realistically Orcs were thought of as basically just bloodthirsty humanoids in the eyes of the other races. It only takes one member of said race to really get their people on the right path (though I can’t for the life of me see Blizzard ever giving another character the Mary Sue treatment that Thrall’s received).

  2. JD!!! Your very welcome! and no problem, Your always welcome to go around comment other blogs as well and getting more involved in the community, I didn’t even know how grateful I am when I started joining the shared topic from Blog Azeroth through that I am thankful that I earned great comments, traffic from you guys. So Thank you too! and also for participating for the event! Im very honored. =) and I am very happy that the event was a success, despite my real life troubles! Anyway, Great Post! and Keep it up! =D

    • I’m slowly creating more of a presence among the (awesome) community. That’s been tapered a bit by the fact my hard drive died on Friday. While I back up regularly, there’s some recent WoW stuff I never got the chance to, so getting that in order all over again has me focused primarily on keeping this blog running rather than exploring my peers.

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