How Did November Go?

Here we are a few days into December already, to say nothing of our first week with the minty fresh patch, and I’m taking the time to look back on what I set out to accomplish for November.

I’d love to say despite the range of difficulty I knocked off all 13.  Alas, that is not the case.  Creating two additional projects after that list was posted did nothing to encourage my success.  Also, where are the Orc Mages and Troll Death Knights when I BG???  Do I take pride in knocking off 4.5 goals out of 13?  Not entirely, but at least I did some of them.  So how did I progress exactly?

  • As mentioned, couldn’t knock off either slayer in my battlegrounds, so no Horde Slayer for the guild.
  • Horrux got his Skullflame Shield equipped and continued right to 55.
  • Oddfodder…got a few points in Engineering, but no questing or levels.
  • Siori went into a Caverns of Time instance very early in the month, and then never again.  She’s close to 15 Exalted Reputations though, still with Keepers of Time …but also the Violet Eye now.  As I am ridiculously fond of Kara, I expect VE to love her first.
  • My time in Tol Barad wasn’t as often as I’d hoped either.  She has 69 recommendations and is halfway to Revered.  Yup, still no dagger.
  • She did get Unearthing Uldum! 
  • Tumunzahar did very little in Hyjal and unless I look up Cooking or Jewelcrafting recipes in the Molten Front, he won’t get anywhere near it.  Healing instances is much more fun again.
  • He also killed his maggot for Pest Control.
  • Liouxpold’s LW is not 525.  He is 475 and Savage Leather has sat, on average, a few gold (per) higher than I’d like.  He’s too low to go skin it, but that should change with the Northrend nerf.
  • Out of the two Druids, Gévaudan got to 30 but Rhysk wasn’t touched.
  • Carrera’s Inscription made it to 375, thanks to a few Twilight Tome creations. 
  • Elcombe did not get to 65.  I made the mistake of trying to level him via battlegrounds, on weekends, and well…Alliance will be Alliance.

The goblin start zone took a fair bit of my time, and the project I’m working on is going to be completed with a time consumption that measures somewhere in the neighbourhood of 35-40 hours and that’s a big chunk of my game time in a month.  I’m still not quite finished and there’s aspects of it I’m not happy with (and have since learned a couple parts aren’t even possible).  My goal for December is actually to get it done and share it with the masses.

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