3 comments on “Disorderly Conduct

  1. We humans are interesting. And we have to play with the hand we’re dealt. I was pretty much sure other people didn’t have the same demons I had. My mind always plays movies of the absolute worst thing that might happen in any situation. Like some primitive trying to appease the gods by living through things in my mind to keep them from happening.

    On researching it it seems it’s an anxiety disorder. It was kind of nice to have it named. But I lived with it this long I doubt I will do anything about it. It would seem like nerfing my content before I finished my game of life.

    Yup, it will work out.

  2. Sounds like you need a focused Officer to bring an 85 or 2 back from the Horde to run the organized progression-like things. I do have a Priest and a Paladin that should be 85 or close to by the end of January.

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