Monday Money Making: Stacking The Deck

So what did you think of the new Darkmoon Faire?  Giving it an island is a nice feature and as it’s only around for the first week of each month, we shouldn’t get sick of it.  Also, it gives you 3-4 weeks in between to stock up and take advantage of cheaper cards. Darkmoon cards sell pretty well and there could be several contributing factors:

  • grinding Darkmoon rep
  • acquring level appropriate epic trinkets
  • flipping the decks for trinkets and profiting on the Auction House

For standard decks, patience can make all the difference in the world.  Don’t feel you have to gather the Ace to Eight in one fell swoop.  Granted, there are instances where that actually is a wise move based on their current pricing.  Most often you’ll better to nickel and dime the deck until you complete it.  As an example, I calculated the Lunacy Deck cost me approximately 430g to create over the course of two months.  I then sold it for 1100g.  It was towards the end of the summer, so it’s recent enough that it’s accurate.  That number could be even higher if the Faire is on at the time.  People tend to clamour for the decks while the Faire is on instead of stocking up prior.  Use that to your advantage.  You can do it with full decks, and in acquiring individual cards.

Speaking of individual cards, I’m amazed at how often cards from the Rogues, Swords, and Mages sets go for.  The Rogues might be the easiest of all.  Most servers it seems they’re 2g or less each (in some cases much less) and it takes a whole three cards to build the deck that sells for 10-30g.  That’s one of those no brainer math equations.  You can usually work the same math with the Swords and Mages cards.  However, don’t make the same mistake I did with the Mages Deck. 

I was building Mage Decks for 5g-20g and flipping them for about 50g because people were insanely listing them for 200g.  Of course, this perceived insanity was brought about by my own ignorance.  If you’re as unfamiliar with the results as I was, here’s the thing.: relisting the Mages Deck will make you a decent return.  Doing the quest yourself and listing either reward?  That’s a much more profitable option.  This is why it pays to do a little homework. 

Of course, this doesn’t even take into consideration being a Scribe.   If you can farm the herbs or pull them from the Auction House cheaply yourself, then convert that to Darkmoon cards, even the RNG will be rewarding enough to make it worth your while.  The bottom line is Blizzard removed running in-game casinos last year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the decks and stack them in your favour.

One thought on “Monday Money Making: Stacking The Deck

  1. kuroma December 12, 2011 / 6:46 pm

    i try to just buy the mage cards. staff sells pretty good as long as the stats are good on it.

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