My poor Hunter.  Other than Leatherworking, he’s not really been doing much.  I’d planned to give him some battle action once 4.3 dropped and Northrend didn’t take as long (he’s 75), but that hasn’t worked out too well just yet.  So I thought I would make it up to him by finally grinding out the last of the Cenarion Expedition rep via Coilfang Armaments.  Quite often people would put them on the Auction House not knowing what they’re for.  Being the opportunist that I am, I began hording them. 

I turned in enough over time that I got him to Revered.  I’d say he’s probably 15-20% of the way towards Exalted.  No problem, since I’ve collected a few dozen more Armaments.  Wrong.  Oh sure, Ysiel Windsinger is still there.  Apparently, though, the Expedition finally gathered up enough Armaments over the years…the quest was removed in Patch 4.3! 

Say it with me…

Okay, granted, it’s not quite that bad. If anything, I blame myself for procrastinating. But it makes me wonder what other little quests and what have you were removed with the questing changes from 4.3. We know the dungeon quests are inside like the rest, and that “group” quests are now anything but in Outland.  Those are documented, but ones like the Coilfang Armaments removal wasn’t.  Guess it’s up to us to find them.

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