38 comments on “2012: Year Of The Level

  1. Just to clarify… If I have two Death Knights, one at level 85 and one at level 61, I get 85 + (61 – 50) = 96 points?

    Because the Cataclysm races aren’t required to be represented, am I safe in assuming that if Mists of Pandaria comes out in 2012, Pandaren and the Monk class will not be *required* to be represented (but can of course be used if one buys MoP)?

  2. You are correct on all counts.

    Regarding races and classes, I specifically excluded Pandaren and Monks because there’s no guarantee of it this year (but highly likely), as well as the fact that some might not buy the expansion and that hardly seems fair. Basically, I didn’t want to create handcuffs. But if the expansion does come out, you’re feel free to work it in to your total however it benefits you. 🙂

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  4. I intend on joining in, (email coming soon just a bit snowed in with work stuff atm). Love the idea and since I want a few more alts at 85 for MoP perfect timing 🙂

    • Welcome aboard!

      I can appreciate the work aspect…as my work day has me just about ready for bed. Also, a belated welcome to my blog roll!

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  7. You know, I actually thought my wife might join in but so far she’s given no indication that the idea’s even crossed her mind.

    Thanks for taking the challenge with us, and for welcome to my Blog Roll as well. 🙂

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    • You can enter any time you’d like, and subsequently you can bow out at any time if you feel overwhelmed. 🙂

  14. You have a great idea here JD, Well put! I wish everyone Good Luck on leveling, I don’t think I will be able to join though since I have things to do besides playing WoW. Work is always in the way and some other real life stuff. but I will help promote this event as well. To get everyone participated for sure! =) thanks for sharing your great idea! Take care hon. =)

  15. Thanks Amerence! Every time I think I’ll have no trouble reaching the goal myself, I start doing the math…and then a day or two comes where I don’t even manage to log on. lol

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  24. If the announcement for additional character slots had been to lift the server limit so that I could have them all on one server, I would totally be on board for this. After all, I’d only need 22 max level paladins to achieve it! (This accounts for all my various other alts)

    • Yeah, needless to say I’ve rolled my second Prot pally and I see a couple more on the way.

      Step 1: Aggro entire zone.
      Step 3: Level!

      I’m also somewhat annoyed by the “have a SINGLE extra character slot on servers.” -_-

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    • Heh, sorry bud. I just hadn’t heard from you in a long time. Glad to see you’re still out there. 😉

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